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 The goal in developing the subject site is to create a high quality residential complex promoting best practices in architecture and urban design, based on a strategic set of design guidelines outlined by the Townˇs strategic development documents.
The major guiding principles of the proposed development are as follows:
– To ensure that the character of the new development considers positive attributes of the site and surrounding natural and built forms;
– To encourage transit-oriented development;
– To create a comfortable pedestrian environment and attractive streetscapes;
– To ensure compatibility and links with adjacent areas; and
– To ensure sustainable development.
The following sections demonstrate how the proposed development will integrate with the existing and planned surrounding context, and determine the benefits of developing this residential complex containing an 8-storey condominium building and 20 condominium townhouses.


8 (eight) storey condo building with 255 units, 380 parking spaces and 30 bicycle spaces





20 condominium townhouse.