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Smart features are the new standard at The Wilmot

The most advanced smart homes today would be scarcely recognizable to a homeowner from 10 years ago.

Features such as security systems you can monitor from your phone, remote and keyless entry, automated thermostats, appliances connected to the internet, and a wide array of sensors, alerts and applications are now not only commonplace but expected from new homeowners.

According to Forbes, the smart home device market was worth $55 billion in 2016 but it’ll be worth a projected $174 billion by 2025. “In other words, what we see today in terms of connected, smart home appliances is just the tip of the iceberg,” wrote Enterprise Tech contributor Bernard Marr. 

When WP designed The Wilmot, we did so to position this new community at the crest of this trend, carefully curating the smart features to enhance the comfort and convenience of our residents. 

Here are a few that come standard at The Wilmot. 

Keyless entry

Access your suite and The Wilmot’s common areas with your smartphone or with a unique, secure passcode. Expecting guests? You can provide them with their own personalized passcodes and manage their access remotely.

License plate recognition

No more fumbling with fobs or garage door openers, your license plate grants you automatic entry. You can also pre-register guest license plates in the shared community app.

Connect with the community

Use The Wilmot’s smart platforms to converse with your neighbours, book amenities, or stay up to date on community events with shared calendars.

Smart mail

You’ll receive a notification whenever you receive a parcel in the shared smart locker. Then you just scan your code on your mobile phone to retrieve it.

Security & Care

Access designated community cameras and greet your visitors at the door via video. For those in need of care, remote monitoring with carefully managed privacy settings can send notifications to loved ones or call for help in case of an emergency.

Register today to secure your spot at The Wilmot.